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Related article: Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 11:10:26 -0700 From: Bert Boughton Subject: adventures of tray and jay 49"Adventures of Tray and Jay 49"PART 49: WILD WESTTHE BROS ARE STILL AT IT, BUT WE ALL AGREED TO GIVE AOL THE BOOT. I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, SO PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS BEGMEALOTQWEST.NET.My little bro got me into it, of course. That boy is trouble, I'm here to tell you. I should have seen it. How about we go for a little ride, says Jay. Why not, I go; then, Where? Jay just grins and gets that look. You know, THAT LOOK. That's when I should have seen it coming and said nope, not today, but me, I'm the sucker. Hindsight.I don't even remember where the road stopped being a road, I just nodded off a sec, and then it was all dirt and dust and tumbleweeds, but that's not the weird thing, see. The sky, all of it, was blood red! And the earth and plants and all were like photo negatives! And I look to my bro, Jay, beside me, and he's rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, too, and next thing I know, the world seems to be back to normal. So finally I pulled Jeep over to the side -- and by side, I mean next to this big-ass boulder that doesn't belong there -- and we both got out and stretched and wondered..."Where's a Coke machine?" That was Jay who actually said it, the knucklehead. My kid bro looked so cute and serious, like only he can get, that I had to wrap my arms around him and go to nuzzling the back of his neck.That's when we heard giggling and splashing, but out there in the middle of nowhere it had to be our imaginations. Shared auditory hallucination, see. I've learned some things in college. I think the professor said something about acid, though."Hey, look!" Jay shouted, and he pointed off at a hill, and barely visible behind the hill were these big, green treetops. Well, Jay being Jay, he was already off and running, so I caught up to him and together we moved up the hill. It was hot as hell so we broke out sweating real fast, and at the top we froze together and stared down at a big water hole, I guess is all you could call it, with trees all around and..."Ohmy...!" I ejaculated, and..."GOD!" Jay and I came the rest of the way together.Because, I mean, fuck me! Down below were two teenage hotties, buck naked, just generally laughing and carrying on and acting like boys, you know. The younger boy, maybe 15 or 16, was going ape shit in the shallow part of the water hole, while the older boy, let's say 17, balanced on the long branch of a tree over the water. Both were wet and glistening, their taut young bodies flexing in fun.That's when the boy on the limb saw us and tensed. His mouth fell open, and he turned without thinking Lolita Preteen and went SPLASH into the water with a howl. His little buddy cracked up and started splashing water at no one until the older boy came up for air and pointed at us. The little guy turned and gawked so both of them were frozen there gaping at Jay and me, who gaped back in total fag wonder. You know. What's a gay boy to do?After a minute of this mutual stunned fascination, see, the smaller of the two golden studlings snapped and waved at us and called out, "Well, come on! Plenty of room for more!"I mean, really. Fuck ME! But that was all we needed to hear. We were tripping down the other embankment and ripping off our shirts. I know my heart was pounding, and it sent gushes of blood into my bad boy, which out of nowhere leaked my stuff into my Tommys. I felt it nice and manly on my thigh and begged the little bastard to behave, at least for the time being.Jay was stripped naked first, of course, and I watched the eyes of the strangers rivet on my kid bro's grownup cock and balls. The 17-year-old grinned in admiration while the little one leaned forward more and even squinted in shock! It's a guy thing, that's all.Jay was half-hard going into the water, and you know the other guys noticed, the way their eyes were glued to my very handsome and buff brother's private region. I took a deep breath and scratched my pubes and then jumped on in. The water was perfect, and not nasty-dirty like most lakes or water holes you see. Man, my balls tingled when the water wrapped around them like someone's mouth. Hell, I lost it then, all the way, and kept walking down to hide the evidence.Something was weird about these boys we stumbled upon, though. They weren't shy or uptight at all like most guys I know. They took to pushing and shoving us like we were old friends or something, and slapping ass, too. But every time I copped a peek, I saw how their dicks and nuts, while loose and comfy, were totally soft! And when I scammed on Jay, it was obvious where he stood: at attention.We introduced ourselves finally, and found out their names were Shane (the 17-year-old beauty with neck-length blond hair and perky nipples) and his little bro Lyle (16 with bold green eyes, short blond hair and the cutest little outie belly button a cocksucker ever laid eyes on).I forgot myself and closed on Shane, shoving and generally feeling him up good, and we rose up out of the water, laughing and tickling each other, and when we stopped I glanced over at Lyle. His eyes were stuck you-know-where, but stupidly I followed his gaze, as did Shane and Jay. Everything stopped dead.I cleared my throat nervously, at last, and went, "What, haven't you boys ever seen a boner before?"They looked in my eyes, confused, except for Jay. He seemed oddly proud of his big bro."A -- a boner?" Lyle asked. "You mean, that? Is that a boner?" And he actually pointed so my rager flapped up to my belly and startled the hell out of these bumpkins.I was speechless, but Shane spoke up and stammered, "Sure I've seen a -- a -- a boner, but never -- never -- never, um -- I mean -- only -- oh, Lord.""Only yours?" Jay piped in breathlessly, truly awed by the admission of total sexual ignorance.Shane turned red and lowered his eyes and nodded, and I saw Lyle did, too. I strolled out of the water hole, and everyone followed. Pretty soon we were all real close on the bank, me and Jay totally up and shameless rubbing hips, with Shane and Lyle facing us. I was slightly relieved to see that they were struggling to master their peckers, at least, but the strain showed, and the battle was half-lost already. When I grabbed myself and squeezed, it was all over! The country boys' cocks swelled out of control and stood straight up."What are you doing?" Lolita Preteen Shane gasped, looking around in fear, as if someone might be watching. But not for long, because he had to see more of this -- this whatever I was doing to myself!"Don't tell me you never do THIS to yourself!" I teased him, and he went beet red."No-n-n-no!" he stuttered."Don't lie, Shane!" Lyle sneered with contempt. "I seen you in bed when you think I'm asleep! Where do you think I learned it?""YOU! DO! IT?" Shane swooned."Yeah, I do it every chance I get -- only, in private." Lyle looked up into my eyes and grinned. "I never heard of no one doing it out in the open like this." The thrill of it overcame the poor kid, who took his hard-on in hand and stroked it slowly, tentatively.Somehow we all just went down on our knees together, in a nice, tight circle, and every dude there knew what to do. It was awesome, no shit. I hate that word, but still. I got fuzzy-headed and droopy-eyed gazing at everyone's hard upper legs all taut from their shins curled beneath them and their fine, fine little boy asses resting on their heels. We all stroked ourselves slowly, panting in building spasms of thrilled pleasure to be sharing this usually very private experience.Shane choked and shuddered, and his eyes closed, and I had to let go of myself completely or else spew right then and there. Lyle smiled at me, still a little nervous, and when Jay reached behind me and snaked the fingers of his free hand in my crack, Lyle and I both flinched! So Jay leaned close to me, right up to my face, and I swear I didn't realize what he meant to do until his lips were on mine. My eyes closed all the way. I groaned in joy. Dimly I heard the others moaning in horny disbelief, and when I was ready to squirt without even touching my prick Jay pulled back and grabbed my shaft and beat us both furiously. No, it was insanely, okay, really.Then my load flew out of me and across the short distance to Lyle, where it hit so hard against the dumbstruck boy's chest that he almost fell over! Instead his hand clamped tighter on his own bone, and no shit, the spunk that blew out his pent-up penis hit me in the face! OHMYGOD! That was all she wrote. Everyone twisted and spazzed off all at once, the cum spurting every damn way! Who knew whose spunk hit who? It was too hot to put down in words.Nobody moved for a long time, except our heaving chests and roaming eyes. Because every dude there just had to check out the streaks of jiz mixing everywhere with the sweat and boy funk. The smell was outrageous! The wild odor of our untried young friends. Shane's head twitched first, and when he stood and walked slowly, legs shaking, back into the water, the rest of us followed. Part of me was sorry to see all of our juices washed away so fast.It was real quiet in the water hole. Our new friends tried not to meet our eyes, but they couldn't do it, and now and then I'd catch one glancing my way or to Jay, and then when they were caught they'd look away again, fast. We left the water hole the same way we went in, behind Shane. He sat down by a big tree, his knees up before him, arms loose around them."What was that you did with your brother, Tray?" Shane's voice made us all jump."You mean, the kiss?" I asked."Uh-huh.""Well, it was just that. A kiss.""Boys aren't supposed to do that. Lolita Preteen It's real bad. Preacher talks about it sometimes in church, only he doesn't ever really say it. And you boys -- well, Lord, you're BROTHERS!"Jay cleared his throat. "Have you ever kissed anyone, Shane?"Shane flushed and looked away. "No, but when I do it won't be a boy.""Why not?" Jay asked."Well, because.""Ohhhhhhh," Jay sighed that sarcastic way he does. Shane flashed pissed in a heartbeat. His jaw clenched, and his eyes sparkled. His entire anger focused on Jay."What's it like?" Lyle wondered out loud, maybe to use his words to force himself between Shane and my bro. I wasn't worried about my bro.Jay licked his lips then, and his eyes gleamed evilly at Shane, and then before I could even think, Jay leaned across to Lyle and took the kid's head in one big Rugger paw and laid one on him! Smack, right in the pusser! Only, Jay wasn't happy with a simple kiss for Lyle's virgin ass. No, Jay had to lay some tongue! My eyes flicked from Lyle's horrified, tense face to Shane, who looked to me as if I should stop it! Lolita Preteen Well, fuck that.So Lyle's first Lolita Preteen kiss just worked its own self out, long and dirty as hell. See, Lyle gave up the fight real fast, and once his whole body chilled and went with it, he obviously started to dig it. I mean, his dick sprang back to life, which everyone noticed, and even twitched spastically until clear stuff flowed out. Mine was already there. One by one, the others got into it, until finally even Shane's hand seemed powerless to stay away from the big, meaty pole that warmed his belly. I'll give Shane this much: he tried not to beat it watching his kid bro get slaked by another dude!When Jay let go of Lyle and their lips parted, there was a long, thick string of their mixed spit stretching from mouth to mouth until their faces were nearly a foot apart again."Any questions?" Jay asked, trying to be smart and nonchalant, but I heard the catch in his throat. Lyle rocked my little bro! Well, Tray has never been one to be outdone, okay, so I crawled on hands and knees over to Shane, who was trapped by the fierceness of my experienced young eyes boring into him. Only when I was in his face did he snap and act like he might try to get away, but fuck that!With one hand I stroked his naked front from his Adam's apple gently down between his well-defined pecs to the place where his happy trail started, and from there my fingers played with the black fur until they found his thick patch of real manhood and made him gasp as they teased and tickled him down there! He blinked and swallowed hard. I love it when boys blink and swallow!The warm firm grip of my hand around his erection sent shivers of delight through Shane. His back arched as he grunted powerlessly and my other hand took him by the hair on his head and pulled hard so that his head came to me. I made him do what he said he'd never do to a boy, and at least he resisted, but it was futile. I choked him with my tongue and drank in the sweetness of his teenage breath and saliva; our teeth clashed.I became blind to everything but Shane. My body pressed forward and covered his as he fell backward onto the ground. My knees thrust between his and made him yield, because he knew vaguely what was happening and wasn't ready for it so the strength of his legs trying to stay shut only drove me wilder! Finally I lunged forward and felt his stubborn legs give way to mine, and when his spread and he panted and gasped in fear, my raging boner slipped quickly in the cracks of his cheeks."Wait..." Shane basically begged me, but I smothered him with more kisses and scooted closer so my knees were by his hips and he was totally prone. My mouth broke from his long enough to hawk a huge wad of spit in my palm and all over Shane's face, and I lubed my cock fast. A second wad went up his butt hard and fast, and the sucking of air through his startled teeth made me insane!"Oh, Lord, you can't be thinking..."The fire in his guts as I rammed it into him without warning muted Shane. His face broke out in flames of sweaty redness, and his mouth opened to scream but couldn't, and the rapid, hip-driven in-and-out of my long, rock-hard bone in his steaming hot butthole sent Shane boy to the brink of tears and sobs...But then the light went on in his eyes that focused on me in shock...shock that it was starting to feel GOOD!"UH! LORD! YES!" is all he could grunt, and I saw the others kneeling around us to watch, various expressions of awe playing over their faces. I vaguely noticed Jay making a move on Lyle's poor ass when my lust overwhelmed me again and I really put it to Shane good. I mean I pounded his ass for real! Only, the wincing I saw on his face was the good kind, that crazy mixed-up ecstasy of bowel-churning pain and inexpressible joy that only one man can give to another. I was totally jazzed to share it with Shane. My sweat flowed from me to him, and he actually opened his mouth to drink the drops that rained down on him.When the boiling need to go for it overwhelmed me, my body knotted up, and my dick swelled in Shane's behind, and I jabbed it to my pubes up his ass, and I looked in those pretty eyes of his and couldn't believe it when I saw the certainty in them of what was happening -- and Shane loved it! In fact he swallowed with his mouth wide open and half-closed his eyes and pounded his pud harder...and the first shot splatted between his eyebrows!I heard Jay and Lyle gasp in shock. I turned my head and found them both on their knees, my little bro putting lining up his massive cock with the tiny, puckered hole of another lucky bastard to feel that manly piece of meat up his chute where no man has ever gone before. Really, Jay's got the equipment for a righteous de-flowering!Poor Lyle, though. I mean, nobody's really ready for that, you just have to grit your teeth and try not to shit and bear it until the pleasure kills the outrage of it! Yeah, buddy! So basically, Jay planted his prick up Lyle's innocent cave, and Lyle totally yelped in horror and then outright SCREAMED! I mean, long and hoarse and throaty. Shane twisted free of me and headed to his bro's rescue, but Lyle saw him coming and held out an arm to stop him! No shit!I guess Lyle figured if he took it up the butt, he might as well finish what he started. He leaned forward until his elbows were on the ground and his face rested on his crossed forearms, and we heard him panting and moaning and grunting as Jay truly sodomized the kid. Jay spat in his hand and stroked the thick gob of his lube over his pole until his thick bush smashed his fingers against Lyle's pale cheeks.Then there was this long, cool sigh of relief. I wondered where it came from at first, until..."Oh, yes, I see!" Lyle moaned like a virtual slut! "Yes! Preacher's wrong, Shane! Preacher's wrong! I like it! Ohhhhh! UHNGH!"Because Jay lost it and went even harder! Jay pounded that adolescent piece of ass so hard, Lyle ended up Lolita Preteen on his belly with my bro slipping his arms up under Lyle's pits and around his narrow shoulders, the better to drive his piston in and out of the boy's butt. In and out, fast as hell, until my BROTHER whimpered and knotted up and clamped his legs down against Lyle's...And Lyle knew a rocks-off when he felt it, too! Jay gritted his teeth and slammed his eyes shut and panted sprays of sweat onto Lyle's neck as Lyle shoved his butt up to take that monster even deeper. The way Lyle moaned then, it sounded like he was getting off at the same time! I watched his body shiver and contract and knew it was so. Wow!I glanced at Shane, who sat on his butt and watched in wonder. He licked his lips, and a tender smile spread over them, totally unaware that I watched him. He loved his little bro, and it showed. Slowly the lovemaking of our two little brothers died down, and we all kicked back and caught our breaths. What I remember most is the feel of my sweat drying in that perfect breeze, and the feeling that somehow Jay and I better get going because we were very lost. Don't ask me why.Shane stood lazy-like and went behind that big tree and came back with his clothes and his little bro's, and as they started to dress I noticed how funky the threads were. The pants were dirty, thread-bare old slacks, what you'd call flood pants for both of them, see, only, real old-fashioned. The shoes were these funny boots with no laces. I liked the shirts, though, they were stained thermals that used to have buttons up the top of the chest, but the buttons had all bailed long ago so there were little threads here and there. Finally they put on these totally cute COWBOY hats! Again, they were old as hell and dusty and stained, but they looked so Lolita Preteen damn comfortable, especially the way both boys automatically turned and adjusted them just so in sync. It was precious, really, however dorky their wardrobe."Which way you headed?" asked Lyle, sleepy and super-relaxed from first sex."Well, to tell the truth, guys, we're kind of lost," I admitted. Jay grinned and nodded. "But our ride is over that way," and I pointed through the hill."Ride?" Shane and Lyle echoed each other softly.They followed us, and when we got to the top and they spotted Jeep in the distance, they both froze and cupped their hands over their eyes to see better."Pretty, huh?" I acknowledged proudly."You should see mine," Jay smirked."What in tarnation is it?" blurted Lyle, then, kind of hushed and scared to his big bro: "What is it, Shane?""Heck if I know," Shane answered. His voice quivered, which was odd, too.We hurried to the Jeep, and I said, "Well, we might as well give you a lift, wherever you're going. Can't be far.""Lift?" said Shane."I aint getting in that," went Lyle, and I swear, they were serious! But when Jay and I shrugged and got in, Shane had second thoughts and climbed in the back where Jay held the seat for him, and then there was nothing for Lyle to do but jump in behind me.I thought those boys would die when I started Jeep up and he shook all over, and I saw in the rear-view that the bros were doing the same, only in each other's arms! To make a long story short, they pretended not to know what a car was, much less a Jeep, even if they did chill and lean forward for a view of the ride."Hey, slow down, slow down!" Shane went off after a while, pointing frantically. "We're here already! It took us all morning to get to the hole on foot, and here we are! The place is right around that Lolita Preteen bend there, but you better stop here, Tray, or Daddy'll drop dead!"Lyle giggled."I take it there are no car dealers out here," I said as nice as I could and parked it."Yeah, you'd think it wasn't the 21st century," Jay added when we were all outside."Well, it aint," Lyle said real funny, like we were simple or something.Jay and I stopped cold and looked from each other to the boys. They didn't look to be in joking moods."Okay," Jay went with it. "What century is it, then?"Shane squinted and tipped back his cowboy hat and glanced to Lyle as if he was afraid to go on, but he said, "The 19th, of course.""Eighteen seventy-five?" Lyle prompted, as if to remind us.Jay figured quickly and smiled evilly. "Okay, smarty boy, who's president, then?""U.S. Grant." They both got it together, without a beat, and I hoped they were wrong so I stared at Jay and lifted my brows, but he was pissed all of a sudden and frowned."More or less," Shane added with a grin that Lyle picked up on, and they both went to giggling hysterically at something private, I guess. "Come on, we'll introduce you to the old man, if he's...""Awake," Lyle finished, flashing anger straight from his laser eyes to big bro, who shut up fast and led the way.They seemed to be at home, but all I saw was this shed, basically, a big shed, but still, so I thought maybe Daddy went somewhere in the mobile home. But Shane and Lyle went right in the shed so we followed, and our eyes had to adjust to the dark because there were only these little windows, and then only two. There was the main room and sort of a kitchen, then two doorways to the bedrooms, I guessed. But there wasn't an appliance or TV or anything in sight, so I started to understand how these people maybe really thought they were back in the wild, wild west.That's when I spotted Daddy, sprawled in a rocker, out cold and breathing steady. He had on nothing but thermal pants, and the pouch was tented way up and bobbing. A tiny grin was on his stubbled face, but he couldn't be more than his late 30s, see, and his body was FINE. Thick, dark hair matted his sweaty chest and belly, and then he grunted in his sleep, and I saw his trapped boner jump again, and then a wet stain appeared where the head strained at the soft cloth."What do you know, Daddy's -- asleep," Shane whispered. His jaw clenched. His eyes smoldered in barely controlled anger."I'll show you our room," Lyle cut in. "Come on."We went through the doorway to the right, and in there it was way brighter and clean and organized. There was a little desk with some books and papers and an oil lamp -- no shit! And one bed, hardly big enough for two."You mean you two have been sleeping together in that, and you never -- ever -- fooled around before?" Jay asked incredulously."Well, around here, Jay, no one would think of -- that -- with his brother," Shane spoke, disappointed in Jay's ethics or morals or whatever, I never could get those two."Or one boy even doing -- it -- with another boy," Lyle whispered."So what's the story with your dad out there having a wet dream?" I said crudely, but fuck me, that's how I am."What's a -- wet dream?" Shane wondered, brows knitting."Oh, forget it," I said. My dick was straining again thinking of the old man out there. "Where's your mom?"Jay looked totally disgusted with me, and I felt my stomach drop, BANG, into my groin."She's gone," Lyle said like a little man, but he swallowed hard and Shane put his arm around his bro's shoulders. Then Shane got on his knees before the smaller boy and took his hands, and Lyle sagged and wrapped his arms around Shane's wide shoulders. What was I supposed to do? So I went to Jay and got on my knees and let him hug me tight, too, and it was too cool. I felt so close to the little fucker right then.But then his erection throbbed through his pants against my face, and my fingers played with the tight crack of his boy butt, and he spread his legs, and I didn't care if the other guys noticed or not, I just bit down on my little bro's swollen pecker and tasted his dirty pants and felt his manhood flex for me. He whimpered once, and that's when I became aware of Lyle hugging me from behind and Shane's hands slipping around Jay's boner so my tongue was licking the rough skin of that country boy's fingers instead of dusty denim.I took Shan's very long index finger in my mouth and sucked on it totally nasty, only, Shane got into it fast and sort of fucked my face with it. He let out a long, thrilled sigh, and Lyle undid his slacks and dry humped by rear. Shane's hands fumbled open my bro's jeans and reached roughly inside to whip out the beast, and I felt Jay lean back into the other young man his age, who was there firm and ready to take him.I licked the shaft of Jay's cock all the way from the base by his loose, spunky nuts and up to the leaking, big, round head, which flowed with more of my bro's sweet stuff. I drank all of it as my pants went down to my knees Lolita Preteen on the floor and Lyle's soft hands found my pecker and played with it as if he was alone in bed at night with big bro asleep beside him. I sucked my bro deep into my throat and relished the feel of him there, twitching and gushing his juice. Yeah, I know how to suck cock, no matter how big, specially my kid bro's.I heard Jay and Shane slurping above, their mouths gulping at each other, and little Lyle clearly needed a better shot at my dick, so I eased onto the floor, on my back, and worked my pants down to my ankles with no hands, and let Lyle go for it. That kid was enthusiastic, see. He was all over my bad boy, laying on his side with one arm over my belly, his head going up and down my pole, his other hand pumping himself slow and patient. I played with his hair and face and chin and then let my fingers follow the wet action of that boy's hot lips sliding over my riled boner. It was so hot, man. I was ready to spew any time.Jay and Shane got naked, and Shane bent my bro over the bed, but then Jay reversed him fast and went down on Shane's unprepared but no-doubt tasty young asshole, and that made Shane twist and groan loudly, but we didn't care. Shane loved it, the feel of a tongue up his chute."Oh, Jay, I can't believe you want my dirty place like that!" Shane went off."MMMMMMMM!" went Jay."Yes, eat it, Jay, eat my dirty place!""UHHMMMMMMMM!"Then Jay traded places with Shane, who cautiously bent over and sniffed my bro's ass and felt inside with a finger and sniffed it and finally went for it, closing his eyes and sticking out his tongue and putting his face up to Jay's funky hole and making contact, and then it was all over. Shane was in heaven. He ate my bro good and sloppy, holding Jay's strong hips and swallowing fast and wicked."Fuck me, Shane," Jay breathed, his head turned sideways on the bed, palms flat beside him.Well, if Jay expected any hesitation, he was surprised. Shane straightened and stepped forward and rammed it all the way in without warning, dry. Jay even yelped! Shane liked the sound of Jay's shock and the feel of my bro's hard body knotting up in his control, and the way Shane went to screwing his first piece of ass was beautiful! He was a real man, alright, and Lyle stopped eating my cock to watch as his big bro pounded my little one!Jay started panting and whacking himself off to the beat of Shane's sweaty groin mashing into his rear, and I grabbed Lyle's head and placed it back over my sensitive penis, and I Lolita Preteen closed my eyes then and listened to all of that magnificent sex going on. It was too much. I spazzed and expanded in Lyle's mouth, and he knew it was coming, and I heard Jay wordlessly begging to be fucked harder and Shane giving him what he wanted, and it just happened.All four of us squirted off together! Lyle choked on my load so some of it dripped down to my pubes and belly, but I felt his stiffy cut loose all over my leg, and Shane and Jay were gasping and spazzing all over the place in the throes of their climax...and I opened my eyes, and there was Daddy, standing in the doorway, his hand down his thermal pants squeezing the big meat in there. His eyes met mine, and he turned silently and went away."Ohmygod," I sighed, and Lyle laughed gently, still milking my cock and loving every second and drop of it. Shane was on top of my bro, his smaller but very hard and capable body pressing Jay to the bed as their chests heaved from the exertion of a very studly buttfuck. I didn't know if I should tell them or what. Whatthefuck had just happened with Daddy? I was too flushed with pleasure to worry about it too much, though.Once we cooled off, we got into our clothes, sort of, the shirts left open and maybe a fly or two in our mutual dazes, and walked into the "living room." Daddy was waiting for us. He had a bottle with him and didn't have much to say, but he stared at me an awful lot, which the other guys noticed but couldn't figure out why. I knew. I'm the dude his younger son just blew! Fuck!See, Daddy's bottle was new when we started, but he's not stingy. Boy, is he not stingy! We were all passing that bottle, and Lyle being smallest and least experienced was out cold first, then Shane, and finally Jay boy. So it was me and Daddy alone, basically! And he had a major woody again. God, I love thermals! My eyes kept roaming from his crotch to his eyes, but his eyes stayed glued to my face like he was in a trance. I felt real light-headed and uncommonly nervous, okay. I mean, I have limits. Whose dads I'll fuck, that is.Okay. I pretended to pass out, which wasn't hard with all the booze thinning out my blood. Plus it was dark out, very dark, and the only light was from another kerosene lamp! These people must really think they're in the Lolita Preteen 1800s! I heard this soft rustling sound and tried to place it until it hit me: the old man was wanking! Damn! One eye cracked on its own, and he wasn't looking at me any more, he was gazing off longingly in another direction, and when I turned my head just so I saw Shane stretched out on his back, clearly having a good dream from the way his slacks bobbed down there!I don't know what came over me. I stood without warning, and Daddy shut his eyes fast. I almost fell over. Whatever that rotgut was made of had me loopy as hell, but I made it to Shane and crouched down and stroked his hair and face gently until he woke up. He swallowed and smiled up at me but tensed when he remembered where he was. I grinned and took his arm and helped him to his feet.Against his will, I tugged on him to follow me to the rocking chair, where Daddy appeared to be asleep. I pointed at the big old thing trapped there, and Shane blushed as bright red as a boy can get. He turned and tried to retreat, but I grabbed him and nuzzled his soft neck and walked him closer his old man. Then I pushed down on his shoulders, and he hit his knees, which snapped loud! The other boys stirred and kept sleeping.Like I said, I don't know what got into me. My hand took Shane's from his knee and moved it closer and closer to Daddy's lap, and the sound of Shane panting in rising lustful fear drove me insane. I was painfully hard in my pants. Then we were there, and I eased the kid's hand onto his father's bulge, and the old man twitched and sucked in a little breath but somehow acted asleep still! What a performance!I whispered in Shane's ear, "Trust me, dude, it's cool. I know these things. Relax and go for it."And did he ever. It was like Shane gave up being scared of what would happen IF, because he wanted this -- HAD ALWAYS WANTED THIS -- so fucking bad it hurt way deep in his belly. Shane focused on the loins of his Daddy and kneaded the man lovingly with both hands. He was so into it he didn't notice when Daddy finally gave it up and opened his eyes and looked at me with total wonder. I stood up and bent over and kissed the man on the forehead, and then Shane saw and pulled back his hand...But Daddy took it, not hard but firm, and pulled his older son up to his feet and then into his lap! His long, strong arms wrapped around Shane, Daddy hugged his boy and offered up his mouth for the taking. Shane's mouth opened, first in Lolita Preteen amazement, then wider in longing, and he tilted his head downward as his Daddy lifted Lolita Preteen his head upward, and they met in the middle! Ohmygod! I stepped back to my place by Jay and Lyle, who both snored gently, and watched the beautiful thing unfolding.Father and son kissed passionately, not down and dirty like maybe me and my pop might, but sweet and wet...and I noticed it was the boy who introduced the man to the concept of tongue! FUCK! Daddy groaned and bucked his hips up into Shane's butt, and Shane immediately slipped down onto his knees again between Daddy's legs and quickly pulled out the wet, drippy monster. For a long minute, Shane held his father's cock in both hands and with his fingers spread the plentiful lube all over, head to nads. Daddy spazzed and threw his head back and grabbed Shane's head with both hands, but only to hold it, see.Only, Shane took it another way and went straight down on the old man! Daddy grunted loud and moaned, and I couldn't believe the other guys slept through it! Shane sucked his dad like I've never seen before, slow and totally adoring, swallowing a lot to taste his dad's stuff, playing with the big, hairy nuts. The dick was so big for him that Shane's spit flowed all over the place, onto his hands, his dad's balls, the rocking chair, everywhere!Without warning, Daddy tightened up all over and opened his mouth wide, and I knew from his violent shaking and Shane's choking and sputtering that the son had released the father's pent-up needs like the old man had never known before! Right away, Daddy tugged on Shane until the boy was on his feet before him. Shane's pants seemed to drop to his ankles on their own, and he shuddered uncontrollably at the assault of a hot mouth, but not just any hot mouth, on his privates! Shane was feeling his father's mouth on his most intimate parts for the first time. Man, I know that feeling!In a few seconds, after the shock of first contact, Shane pumped his hips back and forth and went to fucking Daddy's face. Daddy loved it! But it was over fast! Shane took the man's head in both hands and rammed his cock all the way in, and I focused on his firm bubble butt cheeks spazzing and twitching. I liked the sheen of sweat that broke out all over the kid.Someone brushed up beside me, and I saw it was Lyle! And he was buck naked and stroking his hard-on! Shane choked and coughed and staggered to the side, and that was when Dadd
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